Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Want to Look & Feel Your Best??

Are You Hoping to Look, Feel 
and BE Your Best 
for an Upcoming Summer or Fall Event?

Knowing we have an event like:
  • Wedding to attend, 
  • Family Reunion, 
  • Class Reunion, 
  • Job Interviews
  • Or Other Important Birthday, Anniversary, Trip and on and on
Any or all of these can inspire us to take action that we've been "meaning to take".  These may include, losing weight, purchasing a new wardrobe, getting our life in order, learning new skills.  These are all commendable goals and the good news is:  You don't have to achieve it alone!

We all need and deserve support and useable tools to get to our goals.  It's a step-by-step process that only someone who can add the appropriate support needs to be involved in with you.

We have proven, easy and effective (as well as safe) weight loss tools for you.
Our Medical and Coaching Staff is the #1 Weight Loss Team in Omaha!  We also have outstanding life-skill tools you will use for the rest of your life.  Our Life Coaching Staff specializes in the many phases and changes that life brings.
It's FREE to talk with us to find out if we are the kind of supportive folks you need in your life.

Contact us at:  or
for your FREE INTRODUCTION and/or CONSULTATION to launch the changes you need and move you consistently towards your goals, dreams and vision for you life.

Check out these websites a well:

We are only interested in what you need for you life so you can truly
Love the Life you Live!

Wishing you every success!

JoAnn Bouda, PCC
Professional Life Coach


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Tip for Today - Relationships

Life is all about RELATIONSHIPS.
What if you could see a significant improvement in how you deal with difficult people?
It's all about perspective and a few easy tools.  Would it be all right with you if you could be more in control of your relationship with your boss, co-workers, team, family members and acquaintances? It's entirely possible in a few easy steps.  It takes practice, but, with this Universal Set of Tools, you are in business as soon as you begin to practice them.

For more information, email JoAnn at & we can set up a 20 min. phone 'time to talk' to hear more about this. Hope to hear from you.  JoAnn Bouda, PCC, Professional Life Coach (ICF)