Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Coaching keeps you going

When you are dieting at Your Weight Loss for Life use your blue cards to record your daily food. This will track your progress You cannot improve that which you do not measure. and sometimes we HIDE from measuring for too long and it becomes more difficult.

Get involved in activities to keep your mind and hands busy. The more you involve yourself in an activity - both physically and mentally - the less time you will think about food.

Do not get discouraged if you have had a lapse. Lapses are normal part of any improvement program, so you should look at them in a positive way. View each lapse as a chance to change a bad habit.  Do not over exaggerate and think you are a diet failure and therefore "stupid, lazy, incompetent, etc." You are normal and do not beat yourself up because of a lapse.

Let us work with you on coaching to change those brain pathways so you can become more in sync with eating and weight maintenance. We are dedicated to your success for a lifetime.


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